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8 Week Personal Journal

Spiritual Growth for Individuals or Small Groups


Designed to help you hear from God and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Clean layout and fresh approach to inspire faith and miracles in ministry.


Challenging, real-life questions for measurable change and growth.

Ministry Training Journal

The Ministry Training Journal is designed to answer the question of "What's next?" after completing our online course or live seminar training.

This journal takes you on a deeper, more intimate journey to assess every element of growth you need on a daily basis to thrive as a disciple, hear from God accurately, and fulfill your destiny.

Whether used individually or in a group setting, this resource is the perfect tool to keep you growing in ministry and everyday life as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Your personal guide for growth.

βœ“  8 weeks of guidance for living in the power of the Holy Spirit

βœ“  8 teachings on Spirit-empowered ministry skills

βœ“  Weekly tracking for growth in strengths and weaknesses

βœ“  Weekly assessments on engagement in each ministry skill

βœ“  Daily growth through Word, prayer, reflection, and action

Please notify me when the journal is available for purchase.


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