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8 Part Online Course

Doing What Jesus Did Online Course



8 teachings and videos on operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Develop confidence by practicing each skill in a safe environment. 


Reuse the material and teach others to do what Jesus did. 

The online course experience:



The Doing What Jesus Did online course delivers a life-changing experience from the comfort of your own home. Each video provides sound, biblical teaching with guided assignments on how to apply the ministry skills in a real-world environment.

Learn at your own pace:

1. Preparation in prayer
2. Lead people to Jesus
3. Lead others in the baptism of the Holy Spirit
4. Heal the sick
5. Hear from God
6. Deal with demons
7. Preach the full Gospel
8. Make disciples

Try the course from home, then share the experience with others.

The Doing What Jesus Did online course is a great experience to grow your faith and strengthen your ministry. After completing the course yourself, share it with your church and grow together.

Our 2 day weekend seminar delivers the material of the online course in a live format for enriched community and powerful encounters with the power of the Holy Spirit.

"As the lead pastor of a local church who has been leveraging Doing What Jesus Did consistently for over 10 years, I do not know of a better, more thoughtful, New Testament-oriented training to equip those in my congregation for substantive ministry in our church and community. It gives practical guidelines for how to live in our world like Jesus would with purpose and power. "

Pastor Steve Mickel, Westside Church
Oregon, United States

"We have used The Ambassador Series and Doing What Jesus Did to train over 5,000 pastors and leaders in 14 Latin American countries. These trainings are reproducible, sound theologically, and produce real results."

Missionary Paul Otremba
Latin America

"This comprehensive and effective training proved to be exactly what we had been looking for to equip our congregation and instantly place them on the mission field right here in our own city. This is training our people to do what Jesus did. Finally we have seen a big shift in the direction of our church from inward to outward. It is changing everything. "

Pastor Steve Ferguson, Family Worship Center
South Dakota, United States

"We are using this training in almost every district and in every state of India. Thousands of churches have been trained to make disciples. We have sent church planters to 16 nations. They are going in the power of the Holy Spirit to do what Jesus did. This is possible by the power of Jesus, the simple gospel, and this training. "

Elisha M., Church Planter

"This training has helped bridge the gap by providing a powerful tool that brings together the power of the Word and the Spirit. Today, at the church I lead, not only are we enjoying the study of what Jesus taught but we are learning to do what Jesus did (and I might add, regularly seeing tangible evidence of the Spirit's power in the process). This training has transformed our church and it can transform yours!"

Pastor Cal Rychnener, Northwoods Community Church
Illinois, United States

"This is a great resource for us. Since 2005 we have used this training in over 400 churches in Nepal. Many different denominations are using this to train their leaders to do what Jesus did. People in Nepal are being empowered to do what Jesus did through the power of the Holy Spirit."

Dr. Das, Pastor and Church Planter

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